I remember how nervewracking new grad life was!

Which is why I created this for you! Our 30 days will cover things like:

  • Gratitude, values, and courage

  • The importance of connection and mentorship

  • Healthy habits and healthy mindset tips

  • Forgiving yourself, honoring your needs, vulnerability, and empowerment

Feeling nervous, excited, uncertain?

This is all normal! Trust me, you've got this!

This 30-day course will have one small journal prompt, mini task, reading, suggestion, etc. per day to guide you through your first month of new grad life! This is less about the medical side of things, and more about cultivating confidence and a healthy mindset as you navigate this major life transition! Content will be dripped out to you each day starting the day you first log in. All you need to do is log into your Thinkific profile each morning and a new module will be waiting for you! :)

Pricing options

You can either pay in full, or split into two monthly payments.