Healthy Habits

Transforming days that feel heavy, long, difficult, and draining, and turning them into days that energize us, feel lighter, easier, and more manageable!

We start on June 21!

Ready to create healthy habits for yourself to bring more balance into your day? Join me!

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What are the weekly themes?

We'll be covering the following topics over our six weeks together:

  • Week 1: The power of morning routines

  • Week 2: Setting those healthy boundaries

  • Week 3: Streamlining your workday

  • Week 4: Empathetic listening and non-violent communication

  • Week 5: Cultivating healthy mindset practices

  • Week 6: Winding down with evening routines

Payment plans

I want this course to be accessible for all members of Vet Med, so you can pick a payment option that works for you!

Healthy Habits is a six week course

Vet Med is experiencing stress and a workload like we have never seen before. I want to teach you how to work SMARTER not HARDER.

There will be weekly modules, mini tasks or activities, a couple of live calls, a group chat during the six week time period via Voxer - all aimed at helping you build healthier habits so you can thrive.

Let's take a look at "Day A"

How many of us have had days like this?

You wake up at 6am. You're exhausted from poor quality sleep the night before (and from life in general) so you hit snooze... and then hit snooze again a few more times. If you stall any longer, you'll be late for work, and now that you've started and stopped your sleep cycle so many times, it feels even more impossible to get out of bed. You don't have time for breakfast, so you shove a granola bar down and chug some coffee. Can't get through this day without some serious caffeine. You arrive at work, and already feel flustered, Your first few appointments drag by, and a couple hours into your shift, you're already hungry. Also, still tired. It comes time for lunch, and someone calls about fitting in an appointment. It isn't an emergency right now, but it's should be seen sometime soon, and you're booked out for weeks. You begrudgingly tell them to come in, and sacrifice your lunch break. You ask yourself "wouldn't it be nice if I was ever actually able to take a lunch?" Feeling resentful all afternoon, you are having a hard time connecting with your clients. A few make some comments about wait times or mask protocols, and you cannot wait to go home. Closing time rolls around, and you've got tons of charts to do. You stay late to get them all done. You come home and are absolutely starrrrving. You didn't really eat breakfast, and didn't get a lunch, so now literally any food you can get your hands on sounds good. Feeling full of junk and pretty cruddy, you watch some TV and mindless scroll through your phone. Your day was hectic, and so it takes a long time to wind down. You have a hard time falling asleep, and are already dreading how tired you will feel in the morning.

Let's take a look at "Day B"

How many of us have had days like this?

Your alarm goes off at 6am. You slept well last night, so you get out of bed, and start your morning routine. You look forward to the special time you've created for yourself each morning, and so you don't mind getting out of bed. You ate a filling breakfast, journaled, made your bed (or whatever routine feels best to you) and you're feeling extra accomplished and you haven't even gotten to work yet. You've had some time to yourself this morning, so the mid-morning emergency you are able to attend to with full focus. You and your team are working well and efficiently this morning. Someone calls about an appointment right before lunch. It's not an emergency, but emergent enough that it needs to be seen sometime soon. You know you're booked out for weeks, so you use communication and creative problem solving skills to get creative with your schedule, and also get yourself and your team a lunch break. You know you all deserve time to rest and recheck before you tackle your busy afternoon. Feeling a little rejuvenated after lunch, afternoon appointments seem to fly by. You and your team have used pre-determined protocols and templates, so you all work as efficiently as possible, and are able to enjoy the day a little more. You've taken care of yourselves, so you're able to hold more space for your clients. You get home at the end of the day, and you're pretty tired, but still have enough in the tank to give energy and love to your friends, family, partner, and/or kids. You eat dinner, spend some quality time with loved ones, understand the benefits of a wind down routine, and set yourself up for success the following morning.

I think we can all agree we'd rather be having "Day B" days

Healthy Habits will teach you the logistics and the mindset behind making this a reality

I know what it feels like to have day after day after day of a routine and habits that aren't serving you. 

I want better for you, because I know you deserve better!

I want you to have more "Day B" days. Are you ready to join me?

I want you to feel more in control of your day. I want you to do what is best for your mind, body, and spirit. I want us to build a community around those who want to work smarter, not harder, and encourage each other in the process.